Reset From Stress to Happiness

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We find ourselves in a fast-paced interconnected world where there is always something on the horizon. We have round-the-clock news cycles reporting on the ineptitude of governments, storms, wildfires to wars, viruses and fatalities. Rapidly advancing technology brings with it the pressure to shape up and align ourselves to changing trends on Instagram and Facebook. People are continually in search of validation through social media. There is a long list of stressors that impedes our inner peace. How then can we be capable of happiness in our fast changing world and find relief when we are repeatedly fighting burnout with unrealistic professional expectations set upon ourselves?

There are fluctuations in the financial markets, heartbreaks and PTSD caused by trauma. How do we rid ourselves from the negativity of stress and anxiety and keep charging forward, happy and confident no matter what life throws in our path? As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and Counsellor, I have experience in a wide range of psychiatric settings. For over 35 years I have been on the front lines treating people with anxiety, depression and eating disorders. My effective program uses simple, scientific evidence-based techniques to teach actionable skills to reset from stress and anxiety to happiness. 

Kim co authored the #1 Bestselling book Emotional Intelligence: Mental Health Matters, which provides a set of supportive tools and inspiring stories to help conquer negative influences, harness the power of psychological wellness and thrive emotionally.For more information go to